Epigenetic Hair Analysis


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The science of EPIGENETIC has discovered that up to 98% of our genetic expression is influenced by our environment, through factors almost completely under our control. These environmental effects influence how our genes are turned on and off.

  • Epigenetic Profiling x 1
  • Professional Dr. Consultation x 1
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Epigenetic Profiling - Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis Report contains…

  1. 9 epigenetic indicators, covering individual key influences;
  2. A list of food restrictions to avoid, and food additives to add/ increase for 90 days;
  3. A 90-days wellness plan, including nutrients, water, lifestyle factors, and foods;
  4. Self-check sheets to keep track of progress.

9 Epigenetic Indicators

  1. Vitamins Indicators
  2. Minerals Indicators
  3. Antioxidants Indicators
  4. Essential Fatty Acids Indicators
  5. Amino Acids Indicators
  6. Toxins Indicators
  7. Micro Biology Indicators
  8. EMFS & ELFS Indicators
  9. Food Addictive Indicators

Others Information

  1. The hair analysis will be conducted at our appointed panel clinic in Klang Valley, Malaysia.
  2. Our Customer Care Officer will contact you to set up your screening appointment within 48 hours upon payment clearance.
  3. Clients may utilize the screening package within 60 days upon payment clearance.

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